Revengers: 一统天下 (One rule under heaven)

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Application : Silmeria

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1 Application : Silmeria on Mon Jun 08, 2015 10:01 am

Please copy/paste the questions below in your application:

1. What is your in-game nickname?


2. What is your current force rank?

Hero lv2

3. Are you a VIP card user? (100 diamonds per day)


4. Will you actively commit to events? (Specifically, the Wednesday and Saturday 22:00 - 23:00 event)

Yes ( For Sure )

4a. If the answer to previous question is "No", please state reason(s):

5. How much of guild donation points can you pledge every day, on average? (30k card soul = 15 points, 100 diamonds = 100 points, 200 diamonds = 250 points)

Daily 30k Card Soul , 100 diamonds once in awhile

5a. If your previous answer is 100 points or more, how long will you be able to sustain such an amount for?


6. (Optional) If you have friends looking to join with you, how many are there?

Maybe 2 or 3

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2 Re: Application : Silmeria on Mon Jun 08, 2015 10:40 am

Hi Silmeria, glad to have you in the guild. Please apply to the guild in-game, and add me as friend (200085323) to discuss about bringing your friends in to the guild too.

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